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Why every creator needs a 24/7 stream

Drastically increase your audience through 24/7 streams as streams rank higher than regular videos.

Increase in watchtime
Higher CPM
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Why us

Focus solely on your content & growing your audience while we handle everything behind the scenes.

Always working for you

Your stream will be working for you tirelessly. We guarantee an uptime of 99%.

Stream & Content Management

Easy content management via Drag & Drop - regardless whether working with pictures, images, or video files.

Quick and simple setup

Upon request your very own stream will be up and running in less than 24 hours.

Unique design

Using our stream editor, I becomes easy to build awesome, customized streams and stand out from the crowd.


Our product

Permastream.io is a no-code tools that allows users to effortlessly set up a permanent live stream for YouTube

Drag & Drop Stream Builder with background images, overlays, and music titles.

Build your custom stream in seconds

In our Stream Builder, you can create your individualised stream in seconds! Select custom background, overlays, placeholders, and logos to convey your personal brand to your viewers. You can always come back for changes later!

Manage your music experience

Music creates the atmosphere in your stream! From the Music centre, you can add and remove songs, as well as edit song names and artists to create a fresh experience for your viewers.

Music Management Tool that allows you to upload and edit music files.
Dashboard showing key stats and controls about the live stream

Control & manage your streams

In the stream overview, you can easily control, monitor, and manage all your streams with just a few clicks. You can also navigate into the stream detail view to make content changes to the respective stream.


What customers have built


Mellowbeat Seeker

Lo-fi Hip-hop Radio


Best Shuffle Dance Music

Electro House Radio


Jellyfish Cosmos

Sleep and Meditation Radio


Lofi Girl

Lo-fi Hip-hop Radio

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Everything you need for $30 a month

Focus solely on your content & growing your audience while we handle everything behind the scenes.

Everything you need

PermaStream Premium

The PermaStream Premium package includes all services required for your 24/7 stream. No extra costs. No questions asked.

  • High video quality (1080p @30fps)
  • Quick & effortless setup
  • Stream directly to YouTube
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Customisable with images, GIFs & videos
  • Drag & drop upload for all files

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